Moorland Fly Fishing

A quick trip up to Exmoor saw me having a play with the gopro camera, result can be found by following this link…..

Water levels were drastically low so all the fish were found in small pockets of deeper water, not ideal conditions but good fun never the less.

I’m still getting used to using the gopro on a chest mount so apologies for the quality and some bad angles, also the editing package has me scratching my head at times but I’m sure i will master it in the future. What amazes me with the gopro is the quality of footage you get, even played back on the t.v., although I always seem to lose some of the quality when rendering the footage to publish on the web, I’m sure I’m missing a trick somewhere!

Best fish of the outing fell to Gilly, who reminded me of it at every opportunity. The fish fell to a Klink and gave her a feisty scrap and resulted in a beaming smile, a truly beautifully coloured fish.

Best fish of the trip.