Last weekend I spent twenty minutes sat in the car park at Woodford Lodge on Chew Valley waiting for my client to arrive for a guided session.

What I concluded from this waiting time was that the arriving angler is a strange creature to observe!

I suppose their behavior is all down to their passion for the sport, probably tied to a uninspiring job through the week or a nagging partner, all they dream of is the escape that a weekend fishing outing brings and the lure of monster trout.

With their weekend fix almost in touching distance they would circle the car park looking for the closest possible space to the lodge, probably spending longer trying to find the “golden space” than the time it would have taken to walk to the lodge doors even if they had parked up in the most distant space.

Once parked I was amazed how they then managed to almost sprint to the lodge whilst putting on a jacket, locking the car with the fob and clutching a cup of well known garage coffee without spilling it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m as keen as the next angler to get on the bank but I fish to relax, these guys looked anything but relaxed!