Rubber Mesh Bass Bags


Snowbee Rubber-Mesh Bass Bags


Rubber mesh bass bags from Snowbee follows a well proven design. This fine, hexagonal mesh has a rubber coating, preventing it from absorbing water, so not only does it prevent the net from retaining a fish smell, but it also completely dries, with just one shake. The strong webbing carrying handles continue right under the net bag, for additional strength and there is a zip top to retain the fish. Keep the catch fresh during the day’s fishing by pegging it in the water, or using our innovative new Bass Bag Lanyard, when boat fishing.

Rubber Mesh Bass Bag – Medium 
20” x 18” 
Rubber Mesh Bass Bag – Large 
24” x 20” 

19435 Bass Bag Lanyard 
We all drop the handles of our bass bags over the rowlock, which is not ideal as it means getting up each time you land a fish, to put them in the bag. With the new Snowbee lanyard, simply pass the end of the lanyard under the boat thwart, pass the clip end through the loop & adjust the lengthwith the adjuster buckle, so hook is just over the boat’s gunwale. Clip on your bass bag, which is now right in front of you, within easy reach. Can also be used for attaching landing nets, so a net lost over the side is a thing of the past.

bass bag lanyard


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