Snowbee Ranger Landing Nets


Snowbee Ranger landing nets with knotless mesh


Snowbee Ranger Folding Head Landing Nets 

A range of quality landing nets, with a size to match most fishing styles and at a great price! 
The range of Ranger Folding Head Landing Nets comprises of three models to suit most fishing requirements. All share the same solid aluminium hinge mechanism, which combines light weight with rugged strength and a simple, efficient locking operation. 
Simply flick the net head open and a spring loaded, sliding nylon collar locates every time into the hinge block, providing a rigid, reliable net frame. The tubular aluminium handles have strong, nylon belt/D-ring clips, plus non-slip foam grips. The lightweight, tubular aluminium frames support the knotless, rubber coated mesh bag, making these one of the most practical ranges of nets ever made.

15131 Ranger Folding Head River Net 
A great little net for river fishermen, when extended reach is not a necessity. This ultra-lightweight net will clip easily to a belt or rear D-ring, so can be un-clipped and deployed with one hand.
Frame Size – 18″ x 15″ 
Max Length – 37″ 
Folded – 20″ 
Net Depth – 14″ 
Weight – 385g 
ranger river net

15132/15133 Ranger Bank & Boat Nets 
Two larger nets which are ideal for general river or stillwater fishing. The medium size makes a perfect small stillwater or river bank net, while the larger model doubles up as a river sea-trout net, or a perfect stillwater bank/ boat net, with its larger size capable of handling most sizes of fish you are likely to encounter.
Both models have simple ‘twist-lock’ telescopic handles, which can be locked in any position, while the larger model features twin, non-slip foam handle grips and an extra-long telescopic handle for boat fishing.
Frame Size – 19″ x 16½” 
Max Length – 64½” 
Folded – 26½” 
Net Depth – 15″ 
Weight – 490g 
Frame Size – 24″ x 18½” 
Max Length – 80″ 
Folded – 32″ 
Net Depth – 24″ 
Weight – 660g 
snowbee ranger boat and bank nets


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