Snowbee XS-Plus Distance Floating Fly Lines


Snowbee XS-Plus distance floating fly lines


The XS-Plus distance fly lines are designed for reaching fish that have pushed far out from the shore on a distant drop off, because of bright sun, weed, shallow water or just fishing pressure, the new Nano Technology of the XS-Plus fly lines could not be better suited to the distance profiles and construction of these two superb fly lines.

EDF XS-Plus Extreme Distance Floating 
This line has the longest head of any Snowbee fly line at 60 feet and 150ft (50yards) in total length. With the superb, silky finish of the Ivory coloured head, this line could easily be mistaken for an XS floating line, until the two-tone transition to the peach running line becomes exposed. Then, in the hands of a good exponent of the double haul, and a Prestige G-XS Graphene fly rod for example, the biggest give away of all is when the exceptional distance, that can be effortlessly achieved, becomes evident as the line disappears towards the horizon! This twin-colour fly line is truly exceptional and is another award winning fly line in the Snowbee XS-Plus range. Now with a #5wt version, this has proved to be one of the ultimate distance casting lines ever made…..
Colour: Ivory/Peach 
Sizes: WF5 – WF8 

EXDF XS-Plus XS-tra Distance Floating 
This very supple line with a short, Hi-Viz Chartreuse head and Hi-Viz Orange running line will deliver a cast at range with very little back cast. Deliberately designed for use in tight spaces, or simply effortless distance casting even for a modest beginner, the line excels when teamed up with the correctly weighted fly rod and is the most commonly purchased fly line on the Snowbee ‘balanced outfit’ promotion.
The XS-Plus XS-tra Distance line uses a shooting-head profile designed for extreme distance casting with minimal back-cast or false casting. This floating line, has a relatively short head of 40ft, with a short rear taper for powerful performance, onto a continuous, high visibility and fine diameter, floating running line. With the new Nano-coating, of all the XS-Plus fly lines, this provides the ultimate ‘shootability’ when casting and the high visibility helps enhance optimum ‘take’ and ‘strike’ detection.
The overall length of the line is 120ft (40 yards), some 30ft longer than the standard XS and most other conventional fly line profiles, purposely extended to accommodate the range that can be attained. Early trials saw the loop to backing joint, rattling through the rod rings in no time. This line will help benefit those of all casting abilities to exceed the performance of traditional profile lines and help reach those fish that were previously just out of casting range, especially when faced with a limited casting space behind. As the name suggests…XS-tra Distance casting made easy!
Colour: Chartreuse/Orange 
Sizes: WF5 – WF8 


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