The Final Course.

Yesterday saw me hosting the last course for 2013 at Burton Springs fishery with Ken, a keen angler who has always wanted to have a go at fly fishing.

Despite the inclement conditions Ken was full of enthusiasm and by the end of the day he admitted he was hooked and was off to buy some fly fishing kit over the Christmas holidays.

We spent the morning going through the kit and what it all does and followed this with some casting. Ken soon nailed the roll cast and then onto the over head cast where he was through some really nice loops.

After a bit of lunch we moved on to making tapered leaders, fly selection followed by fishing and it wasn’t long before Ken had his first rainbow on the bank. Well done Ken considering the wind was making fishing and casting a tad tricky on the day!

So that was this years guiding wrapped up, I may have a fish myself over the Christmas period if the weather plays ball, but I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone I have met on the bank, new friends and old, a very happy Christmas and a fish filled new year.