Fly Fishing For Carp

When the temperatures rise in the height of summer and the trout fishing becomes difficult, fly fishing for carp can provide some welcome rod bending action.

The fish in the video was taken at Burton Springs Fishery in Somerset who actively encourage fly fishers to target carp when the trout aren’t playing ball.

Although the fish isn’t massive in carp terms, it was really good fun on a fly rod and I would recommend giving it a go if you ever get a chance.

Carp can be taken on all manner of techniques and flies. They will readily take natural offerings like nymphs and dry flies or can even be taken on lures such as blobs and boobies. One of the more popular methods is to get the carp feeding on the surface with dog biscuits then use a deer hair imitation biscuit to tempt the fish. The key to this particular method is to feed the biscuits little and often and really get the fish feeding confidently, almost competing for your offerings, before you cast your fly onto the water.

One thing to remember when you fly fish for carp is to take an unhooking mat to protect the fish when you have it on the bank. Also carry a decent size landing net as a lot of these fish just aren’t going to fit in your traditional trout scoop net!