Snowbee Spectre Copolymer Nylon – Camo


XS Spectre Copolymer Nylon – Camo – 50m Spools

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XS Spectre Copolymer Nylon – Camo  New 2022 
The Snowbee Spectre copolymer camo nylon is an extension to the Clear XS range, this line has been further processed with finesse in mind, for the truly serious game angler. The line has been treated to add natural green & brown colours, to blend effortlessly with its environment. The knot and break strength exceeds all expectations and the stretch and suppleness provide a unique product, rarely experienced before. Whether fishing fine dry fly tippets, or LRF off the shore, this material could provide the best solution yet for unmatched tippet performance and stealth, coupled with the ultimate in presentation. For 2022 we have introduced new packaging for this premium product. New, thin profile spools, to easily fit vest or jacket pockets, which also interlock if required. Each line weight is colour-coded with an elasticated retainer, which not only allows quick and easy line identification, but also holds the line in place and stops annoying un-spooling!

  • Ultra soft and supple for drag free presentation
  • Medium stretch for sensitivity and superb knot strength, combining to give the maximum ‘break off’ resistance
  • Camo coloured to break down profile and provide ultra stealthy presentation
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Low memory and amazing strength for the ultimate leader/tippet performance.

B.S. Test 
2.5lb / 1.1kg
3.5lb / 1.6kg
5lb / 2.3kg
6lb / 2.7kg

*NB When using Snowbee Spectre copolmer nylon material – know and test your knots well! The knot strength can be phenomenal, in excess of 100% in some cases during testing, where the straight line would finally give before the knot. A four turn water knot or surgeons knot works fine for joining two lengths together or for tying droppers. A  Uni knot , JB knot or Davy knot work perfectly well for applying to a link or a fly. A conventional tucked half blood knot, not a tremendously reliable but simple knot in itself, is far better than a non-tucked version which may slip and is not recommended. With the exceptional ‘stretch properties’ of Spectre leader, some knots may slip and ease apart or cause friction and weaken them. Tied suitably however, this material is superb and designed to be used not necessarily as a hook length but primarily as a leader make up for extra supple presentation and shock absorption enhancing presentation and performance. 


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