Snowbee XS-Plus Fly Lines


Snowbee XS-Plus twin colour fly lines


All the Snowbee XS-Plus fly lines lines are made to the same exacting profile as the XS fly lines but in iAnstantly recognisable twin colours, where the density or profile changes. With an extended “bleed” between colour/density change, this also means that the sink-tips avoid inherent ‘hinging’ or ‘kick’, so often associated with some sink-tip fly lines, thus ensuring excellent presentation and turnover. 

WFFTC XS-Plus Twin Colour Floating 
The original Snowbee twin colour fly line, first used by casting instructors and demonstrators worldwide, to perfect and demonstrate their art but now made using the very latest in nano-coating technology. The best of the Snowbee XS standard fly line designs, combined with a simple colour enhancement, to assist every fly fisher at perfecting their technique and selecting the optimum loading point to provide the perfect cast every time!
Colour: Blue/Ivory 
Sizes: WF3 – WF8

XS-Plus Buzzer Sink-Tip Fly Line New 2022 
Whether buzzer fishing, nymphing, retrieving small lures or sea trout fishing after dark, these two Snowbee XS-Plus fly lines offer superb control for perfect casting and fly presentation, when wanting to fish in or just beneath the surface. They offer minimal stretch for ultimate feel, but enough to prevent bounce off that can result from non-stretch lines. They also help massively when buzzer fishing, to convert ‘taps’ and ‘takes’ to ‘fish-on!’, as the fish can hook themselves with a more direct contact to the fly and the low resistance created from being just beneath the surface, even before you may have felt them.

WFBT1 XS-Plus Buzzer 1 Sink-Tip 
The original Buzzer line with the 3-4ft of olive slow sinking tip. A deadly line when nymph and buzzer fishing, straight line or washing line style, every angler should carry one. Also increasingly popular at night for Sea Trout fishing.
Colour: Olive/Ivory 
Sizes: WF5 – WF8 
Sink Rate: Floating / 3 – 4ft Tip 1.75 ips 


WFBT2 XS-Plus Buzzer 2 Sink-Tip New 2022 
This is a brand new line and big brother to the original Buzzer line above. A sinktip line which exhibits superb casting performance, with a longer 10ft tip, which will hold longer sub-surface, giving straight line contact with the fly to avoid missed takes, whilst depth control is achieved through speed of retrieve. Ideal for serious trout, great in a bigger wave and fishing deeper than the original version and casts even better than the original Countdown options it replaces.
Colour: Light Blue/Ivory 
Sizes: WF5 – WF8 
Sink Rate: Floating / 10ft Tip 1.75 ips 

WFHI XS-Plus ‘Hover’ Slow Intermediate New 2022 
The super slow, uniform sink rate of this line is designed to ‘hang’ just sub-surface hence the name. Some slow sinking lines simply sink too quickly and fall below invisible fish, feeding just beneath the surface. Sink-tip lines can be an option but this fishes slowly and evenly throughout its entire head length, offering exceptional control having first cut through the surface film. It then sinks very slowly with continuing immense control and combines all the benefits of the Neutral Density and Kelly Blue lines before it. The delightful memory free finish, low stretch and super sensitive core with floating running line, keeps you in perfect touch and feel in all conditions. There is barely a line made today to match it.
Colour: Mustard/Ivory 
Sizes: WF5 – WF8 
Sink Rate: 1-1.5 ips / Floating 


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