Snowbee XS Salmon and Saltwater Fly Reels


Snowbee XS CNC machined Salmon and Saltwater fly reels


The all new Snowbee  XS CNC machined fly reels…….  Snowbee XS Fly Reels were launched 20 years ago, the first CNC machined fly reel, manufactured to Snowbee’s design, by British Fly Reels (BFR) in Falmouth, UK. These ground-breaking reels, won every “Best new Fly Reel” review, two years running. Snowbee felt the time was right to resurrect the “XS” name, for a new, top of the range fly reel, so here they are!

These new reels started with a simple design concept and resulted in the polished new product of today which moves them into a different league, in terms of technology & performance.
The design brief was for a range of reels, with which the world’s fly fishers could take on the best that the largest rivers & widest oceans could throw at them….and win!
These sensational looking reels feature a precision milled CNC body & spool to reduce weight to the absolute minimum, whilst retaining massive strength. The powerful, multi-disc drag system, incorporates a combination of stainless steel, composite & carbon fibre discs, which delivers a silky-smooth drag performance, with near zero start-up inertia. This has taken the hugely effective design and performance of those original XS reels made at BFR, to new levels, by using modern materials and with a modern finish to match, with added weight saving & performance. A fine-pitch, detented drag adjustment allows constant minute increases in drag pressure as required, from zero, to the max with infinite control, plus the whole drag assembly is then completely sealed for saltwater use and protection, by means of silicone O-rings.
  • Precision CNC machined from Aerospace grade A6061-T6 Aluminium
  • Milled frame & spool for ultra-light weight
  • Large arbor design for faster retrieve, more consistent drag performance and minimal line memory
  • Extra-hard anodised finish for total saltwater & chip resistance
  • Multi-disc, sealed, saltwater resistant centre drag system
  • Easy Left to Right hand conversion
  • One-way roller clutch bearing plus sealed drag system
  • All stainless steel internal parts
  • Quick release spool for easy change over
  • Tippet retaining O-ring on spool counter-balance

NEW for 2022 10570 XS Fly Reel #7/9 
The first choice for the best of saltwater Bonefish, Jacks, Permit and smaller Tarpon, or Bass and Pollock closer to home, and light enough to be the perfect partner to the exceptional new Graphene saltwater rods. Also ideal when matched with the smaller Spey or Switch rods for when using lighter lines Salmon or Sea-Trout fishing.
Weight – 180g (6.3oz). Diameter 4.0” / 102 mm. 
Backing Capacity – WF10F + 200yds 30lb braid 

NEW for 2022 10571 XS Fly Reel #9/11 
The #9/11 model has a class-leading line capacity, which will comfortably swallow a long-belly Spey line with ample backing to spare. Whether your target species is Atlantic or Pacific Salmon, on the fastest of rivers, Sailfish & Tuna on the world’s oceans, or monster Tarpon in tropical mangroves, this powerful reel will cope comfortably, with it’s amazing drag system delivering up to 6.8kgs (15lbs) of drag.
Weight – 200g (7.1oz). Diameter 4.4” / 112 mm. 
Backing Capacity – #10/11 Spey + 300yds 30lb braid 



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