Snowbee XS-Plus Thistledown2


WFTD XS-Plus Thistledown²  Fly Line Floating Two lines: Both Olive /Buckskin WF#2-5wt and WF#5–7wt 
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Our unique, super-fine profile range of lines, defy logic….how can ONE line weight, work on a range of rod weights? Believe us, when we say they do! Try them, for the best, ‘thistledown’ presentation you will ever have experienced!

Understanding just how it works is another story, because when it states WF#2-5wt there really is only one single line that can and does function amazingly on all weight rods, whether they be a #2, #3, #4 or WF#5wt!! “How?” is the question everybody asks. Well it comes down to simple physics, as the new and refined components of this line combine to give the thinnest, most supple, weight forward profile possible, that correspondingly weighs very little and delivers incredible stealth and accuracy at the same time. The ultra-thin diameter, roughly half that of a conventional fly line, creates minimal drag when casting. That means the line speed can be maintained throughout the casting action and delivers the fly or flies, precisely where required, with the minimum effort possible. As its drag coefficient is so low, even in a strong cross-wind this line will cut through it, to deliver the fly exactly where intended.
The amazing ‘Thistledown’, was primarily designed for the river and light fishing on small stillwaters but is now a regular companion on almost any application where an angler enjoys finesse, stealth and accuracy. Thistledown is two-tone in colour, Shamrock Olive head with a Buckskin running line and 90ft in total length. The short 34.5ft head, has a long, compound front taper and slender running line behind for effortless casting and extended presentation, to attain whatever range is necessary. The ultra-thin profile, combined with the super-smooth Nano coating, helps maintain line speed and if used for nymphing, also provides extreme sensitivity. Both ends are pre-looped, with micro welded loops, to maintain the line’s outstanding performance, so it is ready to go, straight from the box.





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